Wordscapes 950 Amber 6 Field answer

Apr 29th 2021

Wordscapes Level 950 Amber 6 Letter Tray

In Wordscapes 950, players are given a couple of letters in their lettery tray. You can find the letter tray at the bottom of the screen. Players are expected to rearrange these letters to create words to fit the crossword puzzle. In Wordscapes Level 950 Amber 6, we are given 7 letters. All these words are related to Field answer. By using the clue of Field answer, we can find words that match and scrabble and mix the correct words that fit the crossword puzzle.
The letters for Wordscapes Level 950 are [ D ], [ O ], [ R ], [ M ], [ U ], [ H ], [ I ].

Wordscapes 950 Amber 6 Field answer Screenshot Answer

Wordscapes 950 Amber 6  Field answer image answer
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Wordscapes Level 950 Answers

This puzzle has 7 words which can be solved. We are trying to create words by scrambling any of D,O,R,M,U,H,I letters. Remember, the words are related to the category Field answer.

Bonus Answers

Some levels have bonus word answers which can be found for more points.
This puzzle has 18 bonus words which can be solved.

Wordscape Definitions

Having a tough time believing these words are correct and real words? We provided you with the textbook definition of each Wordscape 950 Answer.
drum - A percussion instrument sounded by being struck with sticks or the hands, typically cylindrical, barrel-shaped, or bowl-shaped, with a taut membrane over one or both ends.
dour - Relentlessly severe, stern, or gloomy in manner or appearance.
dorm - A dormitory.
mid - Of or in the middle part or position of a range.
dim - Make or become less bright or distinct.
duo - A pair of people or things, especially in music or entertainment.
him - Used as the object of a verb or preposition to refer to a male person or animal previously mentioned or easily identified.
duh - Used to comment on an action perceived as foolish or stupid, or a statement perceived as obvious.
rho - The seventeenth letter of the Greek alphabet (Ρ, ρ), transliterated as ‘r’ or (when written with a rough breathing) ‘rh.’.
humid - Marked by a relatively high level of water vapor in the atmosphere.
hour - A period of time equal to a twenty-fourth part of a day and night and divided into 60 minutes.
ohm - The SI unit of electrical resistance, expressing the resistance in a circuit transmitting a current of one ampere when subjected to a potential difference of one volt.
humor - Comply with the wishes of (someone) in order to keep them content, however unreasonable such wishes might be.
hid - Put or keep out of sight.
humidor - An airtight container for keeping cigars or tobacco moist.
hum - Make a low, steady continuous sound like that of a bee.
mud - Soft, sticky matter resulting from the mixing of earth and water.
rid - Make someone or something free of (a troublesome or unwanted person or thing)
odium - General or widespread hatred or disgust directed toward someone as a result of their actions.
rhodium - The chemical element of atomic number 45, a hard silvery-white metal of the transition series, typically occurring in association with platinum.
rim - Form or act as an outer edge or rim for.
rod - A thin straight bar, especially of wood or metal.
rum - An alcoholic liquor distilled from sugar-cane residues or molasses.
mod - (especially in the early 1960s) a young person of a subculture characterized by stylish dress, the riding of motor scooters, and a liking for soul music.
our - Belonging to or associated with the speaker and one or more other people previously mentioned or easily identified.

What is Wordscape?

Wordscape is one of the most popular mobile puzzle games. Created by peoplefun, it is the first of its kind and is a cross between a puzzle search and crossword. The board folds words into a jigsaw and your job is to use your brain and put your word skills to a test. We all get stuck sometimes especially on Wordscapes 950 Amber 6 Field answer, so we came up with a guide to help you out. Instead of using the English dictionary, we gathered up the answers for you. Scroll down and you may see a screenshot, a youtube link, or the answers in text form to help you get pass this stage. If you haven't tried out Wordscapes, you can download it from the App Store or the Google Play Store.