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This site is used to keep track of games, answers, guides, and solutions to puzzle games.

Who am I?

My name is Mike. I love mobile games! I usually play Wordscapes Shapes at night before I go to bed. Every once in a while, I'll play Tetris or Candy Crush. I feel these games are good to keep your mind sharp while you age.


I like to play games and make guides for games. I have been using this website to keep track of games I play and their answers and solutions. When I'm not playing games, I usually ride my bicycle. It's my favorite exercise and physical activity.

Brain Games

Brain games are known to stimulate your thinking. It includes word puzzles, traditional games, and creative outlets like playing instruments. Wordscape is a word puzzle game made by PeopleFun which is similar to a crossword puzzle.

Although these games are fun, it is still being debates on whether they help delay dementia or slow its progression.