Wordscapes 823 Wave 7 Ocean answer

Apr 29th 2021

Wordscapes Level 823 Wave 7 Letter Tray

In Wordscapes 823, players are given a couple of letters in their lettery tray. You can find the letter tray at the bottom of the screen. Players are expected to rearrange these letters to create words to fit the crossword puzzle. In Wordscapes Level 823 Wave 7, we are given 6 letters. All these words are related to Ocean answer. By using the clue of Ocean answer, we can find words that match and scrabble and mix the correct words that fit the crossword puzzle.
The letters for Wordscapes Level 823 are [ A ], [ I ], [ R ], [ T ], [ H ], [ W ].

Wordscapes 823 Wave 7 Ocean answer Screenshot Answer

Wordscapes 823 Wave 7  Ocean answer image answer
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Wordscapes Level 823 Answers

This puzzle has 20 words which can be solved. We are trying to create words by scrambling any of A,I,R,T,H,W letters. Remember, the words are related to the category Ocean answer.

Bonus Answers

Some levels have bonus word answers which can be found for more points.
This puzzle has 3 bonus words which can be solved.

Wordscape Definitions

Having a tough time believing these words are correct and real words? We provided you with the textbook definition of each Wordscape 823 Answer.
air - Express (an opinion or grievance) publicly.
art - The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
hat - A shaped covering for the head worn for warmth, as a fashion item, or as part of a uniform.
hit - Bring one's hand or a tool or weapon into contact with (someone or something) quickly and forcefully.
war - A state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.
hart - An adult male deer, especially a red deer over five years old.
wart - A small, hard, benign growth on the skin, caused by a virus.
with - Accompanied by (another person or thing)
raw - (of food) uncooked.
tar - Cover (something) with tar.
thaw - (of ice, snow, or another frozen substance, such as food) become liquid or soft as a result of warming.
hair - Any of the fine threadlike strands growing from the skin of humans, mammals, and some other animals.
wait - Stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens.
rah - A cheer of encouragement or approval.
writ - A form of written command in the name of a court or other legal authority to act, or abstain from acting, in some way.
wrath - Extreme anger (chiefly used for humorous or rhetorical effect)
haw - The red fruit of the hawthorn.
wit - Mental sharpness and inventiveness; keen intelligence.
whir - (especially of a machine or a bird's wings) make a low, continuous, regular sound.
whit - A very small part or amount.
rat - A rodent that resembles a large mouse, typically having a pointed snout and a long, sparsely haired tail. Some kinds have become cosmopolitan and are sometimes responsible for transmitting diseases.
what - Asking for information specifying something.
wraith - A ghost or ghostlike image of someone, especially one seen shortly before or after their death.

What is Wordscape?

Wordscape is one of the most popular mobile puzzle games. Created by peoplefun, it is the first of its kind and is a cross between a puzzle search and crossword. The board folds words into a jigsaw and your job is to use your brain and put your word skills to a test. We all get stuck sometimes especially on Wordscapes 823 Wave 7 Ocean answer, so we came up with a guide to help you out. Instead of using the English dictionary, we gathered up the answers for you. Scroll down and you may see a screenshot, a youtube link, or the answers in text form to help you get pass this stage. If you haven't tried out Wordscapes, you can download it from the App Store or the Google Play Store.