Are you a fan of puzzle games and own an iOS device? If yes, then, you shouldn’t miss the following list of iPhone games to enjoy during your free time.

Are you waiting for your next bus stop? Does the long line ahead of you seem boring? Or are you wondering which the best choices are among hundreds of games on the Apple App Store?

We’re here to make it easier for you! These days, you can play any games with different platforms, like PC, iPad, and iPhone. Yet with your phone, you can play games whenever and wherever you want. We created a list, where we recommend the 10 most fun and popular puzzle games that you must try.


Word Collect Word Games Puzzle on the App Store

With 4,500 ratings scored 4.9, Word Collect is the most chosen wording game to IOS users. The game challenges your speed and skill to form a word from given letters. With more than 2000 levels, your limit is continuously tested. Users are given a list of letters and must swipe to make words. The higher the level, the more difficult it is. So be prepared, and swipe as fast as you can!


Wordscapes on the App Store

Like others, ‘Wordscapes’ requires your skills to form words from letters. Yet your selected words must fit the given puzzles. With the fantastic natural background, you will never feel bored playing this game. This game is a mix of crossword and Word Collect. Users must create words from a letter tray to fit the crossword puzzle.


Wheel of Fortune on the App Store

Designed as a worldwide tour show, Wheel of fortune requires high skill of wording. You must guess sentences, or simple idioms from highlighted letters or simple with a few hints. With every correct guess, you earn points as a reward. You can also challenge your friends through Facebook, and international players. Spin the wheel! and be the star of your show.


Word Crush on the App Store

Filtered with natural themes as background, Word Crush attracts users with colorful scenery. The words appear in the word-crossing platform. The player has to connect letters from anagrams, swipe them. The blocks will cascade down for the correct answer.


Word Cookies on the App Store

The rules are like ‘Word Collect’ but cooking addicts may find this theme more attractive. The game requires you to slide alphabet letters to fill up the blocks. Extra words can be exchange for extra coins. The whole game is like organizing letter-shaped cookies together for a cute performance.


Wordtrip on the App Store

If you love ‘Word cookie’ and ‘Word collect’, yet you prefer adventure and discovering. Then, Wordtrip: Word Search Puzzle is a must-have on your homescreen. Letters are given for you to solve the quest. It can be filling the incomplete sentences or solving the blank blocks. Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go! And start your journey.


Word Connect on the App Store

Next, Word Connect shouldn’t miss on this list. If you like classic game themes and like to switch between normal mode and crossword mode. Then, don’t miss it and have this game downloaded. You can play with family, friends, and colleagues, then ask them to help you with the difficult quiz. You must find the clues to solve the crosswords from given letters. Your word story starts here, and let’s brainstorm your journey to find the hidden words.


Scrabble Go on the App Store

Inspired by one of the best games of all time, ‘Scrabble Go' lets users enjoy an interesting journey. It offers players with common modes and various quizzes to conquer. Players will find it so fun and easy to learn new worlds. As interesting as it sounds, you can switch between modes: . Duels: You compete with rivals around the world. You must think fast and swipe fast to earn promising prizes. . Word Drop: Full blocks of letters are given. Players must link the tiles to replace them and open up new possibilities. . Tumbler: Players get limited time to prove their skills with anagrams. The more difficult the word, the more bonuses you get. . Rush: This mode challenges you with yourself. With this mode, every second and every turn counts. You can find your limit and level it.


New York Times Crossword on App Store

Do you miss the crossword game printed in the newspaper? If you prefer an old-school theme, then ‘New York Times Crossword’ deserves a place on your screen. The app allows 7-day-trial for free. After that, the annual subscription is only $39.99 per year. Daily crosswords are updated, this game requires you to find words from a board like old time. You can compare your solving time with players around the words, and rank your skills.


Words with Friends on the App Store

If you want to challenge your friends or organize a vocabulary competition? Then don’t miss out on ‘Words with friends: 2-word game’. This game challenges high speed and good skills. It requires you to unscramble, and solve the puzzle with the highest scoring words to win the battle. You can organize your own competition or let the game set it randomly. You can also set multiplayer mode to level up the joy.

These 10 games are the best collection of word puzzles. You can pick your favorite theme, practice, and start your journey!